Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm Razak, Abdul Razak the Great!

In case you've forgotten the way James Bond introduces himself:

I'm Bond, James Bond..

And now, we have, well, not quite James Bond, he is not as handsome and fit. Not quite a high profile spy but certainly spent plenty of our taxpayer's ringgit as James Bond for his awesome appearance and performance.

His is none other then........ ABDUL RAZAK, the Abdul Razak who strangled himself in the open court with video footage which AG Chamber delayed to put online.

Ladies and gentlemen, can we please welcome the new Super Comedy Star from our esteem AG Chamber, Encik Abdul Razak.......

(A friendly reminder: Please do not eat or drink during the entire video as you may be choked to death and we may need to have a Royal Commission to investigate your sudden pass away)

Sit tight, have a good time


  1. Ladies and gentlemen,

    This is Tard, Retard !

  2. I am just wondering will his colleague distant themselves after this multi million production?

    Am also wondering will they feel shy for working together with the No 1 lawyer in Malaysia?

    Or this is the perfect example of Malaysia Educational System with quota system?

    Maybe AG's Chamber should buy TV airtime to air this for the benefit of the Nation celebrating its 53th Merdeka day. The whole nation will burst to tears and laughter, i guarantee.

    Maybe UMNO youth will demand all court proceeding to be conducted in Bahasa Malaysia, judging from the command in English of the Great Abdul Razak....

  3. Is a waste this Abdul Razak joined the MACC, He should set up his own practice I belief his clients need to queue up to consult him!

  4. Anonymous: maybe all lawyers there are just like Abdul Razak or he is the best among all of them?