Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tightening the Net

Incident 1
Jamaluddin Ibrahim, a famous Mandarin talk show host, and writer, was shut off today by his employer 988 FM, which is the subsidiary of The Star Publications.

According to Jamal, 988 received letter from MCMC (Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission) stating that Jamal has "threatening national security", and "provoke racial sentiment", of which Jamal has strongly denied both counts.

Incident 2
A well-known Chinese political weekly magazine terminated its Editor. The management claimed termination was acted according to instruction from the Ministry of Home Affair.

Incident 3
The Government is said to revived the much criticised "Green-dam"-like Internet content filtering. The project was once on hold is now revived with KPMG leading the visibility study on behalf of the Government.

What do all these meant to you?

If all three incidents are originated from the Government, it means the Government is going to tighten the Net, not just the Internet, but your freedom of speech and your freedom of acquiring information.

What will all these affects you?
Just turn your eyes on Myanmar, North Korea, Vietnam, China, and Iran. Restricting access to information by the ruling regime will certainly created 2 camps of divided people:

1. the Elite, whom is blessed with the wealth of the entire Nation;

2. the rest of us, whom can never be one of the Elite no matter how hard you try.

Don't ever have the impression that you are rich therefore you are one of the Elite. You can be rich man this moment, but can be ripped away by the Elite and makes you poorest of all the next moment.

Elite, does not mean should be from a specific race, following a specific religion, etc. Elite means Elite and not the rest of us.

So for those wayang kulit fighting for their race and/or religion are merely to disguise themselves to fool you that they will fight for your rights.

They are just a group of Elite who need your support to maintain their status as Elite, not fighter for race or religion.

It is then up to you whether you want to be the stepping-stone for "ELITE", or to eliminate "ELITE" altogether.

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