Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rescuing top 10 best paid CEO?

Why should the govt lend RM6.5billion to an utility company that is guaranteed with handsome profit but run into financial trouble?

If the company is not guaranteed good profit, why should it pays its CEO perks amounting to RM5 million per annum?

If the CEO is doing a good job how can the company landed in troubled water?

If the govt lend the massive amount with no repayment schedules and interest announced, does it means the money may not pay back, with or without interest?

If it is a must do action, should the govt, the biggest creditor, dictate that the current CEO should be booted from his position for not doing his work?

What is the benefit for people outside Selangor with this sum of money lend out to a company operates only in Selangor?

Is this a notional interest to rescue the company or is it a state interest?

If it is not national interest but state interest why not let the Selangor govt deal with the matter instead of federal govt messing up everything yet big amount of money need to lens out to a single commercial entity?

If it is neither national or state interest, then on what ground should the federal govt pump in this amount of money when it keeps complaining that it can no longer sustain if subsidy not removed?

Tell us, will u?

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