Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why I valued OccupyDataran movement

Last night, I told my wife, we need to show support to those who have been occupying Dataran Merdeka since last July 2011.
The occupiers have since without failed, even with interventions from the Authority, stayed in the Dataran Merdeka every weekends.
I salute their determination, their focus on issues, ie the people must gain their control back on matters affecting their everyday life and not by the bereaucrats and influencial businesses.
However, the society in general ignoring the existence of Occupy Dataran, some even laughed at them claiming that only the mad and retarded will act in such.

I see it otherwise. These people are just normal people, they too have to work hard to earn their living, but they choose to express their dissatisfaction by consistently repeating the same every week, without fail.

It is their determination and courage that we should appreciate, whether you agree with their cause, it is not easy to have it weekly, and they are not rich guys looking for excitement, they mean what they said, and they did it, and still doing.
They need no fund for their cause, but if you wish to donate, by all means. they are working on shoestring budget individually that they have to squeeze from their earnings.
But they do need food, drink, and now tent contributions.
If you can, pay them a visit. If you are not prepare to bring anything, it's ok, go there, speak to them, you'll be surprise they are not blind follower, they know what they want, and what they are doing.
Or perhaps, you may just want to join them atleast for a night.

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