Friday, May 15, 2009

Are we in economy crisis? Gee! Look at how they spent!

Are we in economy crisis?

Well, I think most of us feel the downturn of economy, at the same time, cost of living goes up pressuring almost every households in the country.

At this juncture, the State Government of Trengganu did something to stimulate the economy.


The State Government did a full page advertisement on newspaper thanking the Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Education for his first work visit to the state.

Walao! Full page color adv! Do you know how much does it cost? At least RM20k man!

Say if the State Government advertised on all major print media, say 10 national papers, it means atleast RM200k is spent for a thank you note!

Yes, I know, the State Government has recently received its accrued Petrol Royalty from the Federal Government, and they are rich now.

But the state is still one of the poorest states, and there are still many projects needs money to carry out.

Why spent on advertisement? Isn't it better to use the money wisely for the welfare of the people, or to the school children instead?

Yes, RM200k can't even buy a Mercedes S Class for the State Excos, but it can buy 100,000 botttles of milk for the children in the state.

What's gone wrong with the Government that cares? Don't they learn mathematics in schools?

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