Saturday, May 9, 2009

Profitable business

Oh Ya! Who says our Government knows nothing about economy? Who said the Government doesn't know business? Who says the Government is bad in mathematics?

From the New Economy Policy, to the number of tourists arrival, and the inflation and unemployment rates, our Government has demonstrated its ability to administer not only the country, but numbers as well.

The recent release of 13 ISA detainees (for those who does not know what ISA is all about, here you are: ISA is short-form for Internal Security Act, which allows the Authority to detain anyone, yes, anyone on earth, for a renewable 2-year detention without trial. Detainee will be denied all rights during the detention. For more information, refer to Wikipedia) and the earlier release of 13 detainees is a good example where:

1. in the first place, there should be no ISA detainees. Any suspect shall appear in front of the public court, and to have their rights to defense.

ISA denied their rights to defend. By release them is just like I take something in hand, when needed, I let go to achieve my goal. Kind of chip in hand;

2. By releasing 26 detainees, the Government arrested some 116 civilian, including opposition politicians, and 5 Legal Aids Centre lawyers who offered legal assistance to the other detainees;

the mathematics:

116 newly arrested, 26 released. There are still surplus of 90.

conclusion: our Government is good in mathematics, it is proven, and it is true.

My advise: do not undermine the mathematically minded Government as we may lose more..

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