Saturday, May 16, 2009

Who should seek Royal consent to dissolve the Perak State Assembly?

Merdeka Review's headline today claimed BN may consider dissolving the State Assembly, putting the Perak fiasco to an end.

Now, we, sorry, BN has a problem.

What problem?

Should BN's "Menteri Besar" seek Royal consent to dissolve the State Assembly? Or should the legitimate Menteri Besar at ALL MATERIAL TIME, YB Dato' Seri Nizar, as concluded by the High Court recently, dissolve the State Assembly.

Even if a Stay order is granted to defer execution of verdict by the High Court, it is undeniable that YB Dato' Seri Nizar has not, and never, relinquish his position as Menteri Besar of Perak as I concluded in my earlier post. Again, this is merely my perspective on the issue with no credible legal background, be warned.

Now we have a BN appointed, claimed "Menteri Besar", who is currently assuming the position you know why.

If BN's "Menteri Besar" seeking Royal consent to dissolve the State Assembly, is the action legitimate?

If the dissolution of the State Assembly is consented by the Sultan, but from a "Menteri Besar" who is legally not the Menteri Besar (based on the High Court ruling), should the Assembly be dissolved? Should Pakatan happily accepted the dissolution? Should the Perakian celebrate that they have win the war?

The end result may be the same, i.e. which Menteri Besar dissolves the Assembly as long as the Assembly is dissolved, but it has a negative implication, at least, that Pakatan acknowledged that BN's "Menteri Besar" is the Menteri Besar and not the legitimate Menteri Besar at all material time, YB Dato' Seri Nizar.

Should this be the ending of the whole Perak episode, I would say Pakatan is no different than BN.

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