Sunday, March 14, 2010

Iphone quick tips - Battery not charging

My iPhone 3G is more than a year now, charging averagely 3 to 4 times a day.

Just now, it refused to charge as usual when I connect its USB cable to my MacBook.

Gee! This is serious! Come morning is Sunday and no repair shop will be available to get my battery replaced if the battery reached its end of life.

To be exact, I was using a China made compatible cable as my original apple USB cable is left in the car.

I noticed that iPhone was charging when it syncs, but stop charging after about a minute.

Thus, I decided to use Memory Info, an utility that shows the state of battery instead of relying on the iphone's battery icon on top.

The above snapshot was taken when running Memory Info showing that iPhone is not charging, but the USB cable is connected properly.

I tried do a complete restart but it is still the same.

Browsing through Google, some suggested to reset settings to factory default, means I am going to loose everything, even if I can sync from backup, I cannot be sure that I will have everything back.

The last solution: grab the original USB cable from the car, plug it on, viola! It is now charging as advertised!

Conclusion: use the original Apple supplied USB cable, DO NOT use those no brand compatible cable.

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