Thursday, March 18, 2010

You cannot force people to vote

Sometime it is really fun to read what's happening in the Parliament.

I read this today:
“During election, we cannot force people to vote, we exercise freedom of association, freedom of expression and freedom to make decision. We feel that if they are not interested in registering as voters, it is their choice,” said Nazri

Note the words Freedom of Expression, freedom of association, and freedom to make decision.

Nazri has always been the fun starter for comments and replied that he made, either publicly or in the Parliament.

It seems that we enjoy all these freedom of whatever and the State allows.

But when come to candlelight vigils, street protest, forums, seminars, or any other form of gathering where people are grouping up to express themselves, it is then a threat to the nation. Suddenly national security comes into the picture regardless of size of the gathered group, whether they are taking a peaceful route or staging a violent protests, as long as it does not fit the ruling regime's taste and will, all these are then illegal or threatening the so called national security.

When people go to the street to demand for their voices to be heard, as all available channels have been shut, they are to be blamed for rioting.

So Nazri, if you want to talk about freedom of expression, please go wikipedia to find out what it really means.

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