Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To fire or not to fire?

If you are PKR, will you fire Zulkfri Nordin for his statements seriously deviated from the Party's stand?

If PKR fires Zul, PR will lose one more seat, and BN has an extra seat, closer to regaining 2/3 majority.

If PKR keeps Zul, what if he creates trouble again? And what if the rest of PKR MPs see the party has no guts to uphold discipline?

How will the general public see it?

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  1. Apparently, Zul, has his personal agenda to leave the party. PKR needs its policy as other organization, or perhaps its prestige, to stand up as the major party in the country.

    Let this trouble-some old man leave.

  2. 留来下一届扯后腿吗?莫名其妙,妇人之仁!

  3. If I were PKR, i would have fired him long ago.

    How can we allow someone who are so indecisive on discipline matter to rule the country?