Saturday, May 29, 2010

Anwar, why still tangled with defection?

Anwar has been talking about defection, criticizing BN/UMNO for paying PR/PKR representatives.

But there are other issues which Anwar should be focusing. As the Economic Adviser to the Selangor State Government, Anwar should look closely into Selangor's economy, and how the state government's policy will further helping residents of Selangor.

As the Opposition Leader, he should focus on why voters should vote PR/PKR, giving voters confident that PR can form a better government if given the mandate.

Besides Economy Agenda introduced in the 12th GE, Anwar, and the Selangor state has failed to detailed the implementation, and measure its progress.

We agreed that poverty should be addressed, addressing by merely expressing concern is far from enough.

What are the steps to help the poor in Selangor? Have they been implemented? What is the results? Is there any public reviews on such implementation? Mr Anwar? Can Selangor be made the model for the rest to follow?

Those who have left PR/PKR are least concern for the ordinary people. They wanted to know what you can do to ensure better future and not to see you licking wound in public.

To summarized, you, and PR, have not done enough to warrant support from the majority. By hating BN/UMNO itself does not mean that PR will be able to form the next government.

We are keeping our eyes open

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