Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why BN lost Sibu


Fat Mama did not campaign

Jibby should give money without any condition

White hair should show his hair and his face

Congrates to PR and DAP, next, pray for another long serving MP go see God, and grab the seat.

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  1. Pasir Mas is the next, lets PAS take care of it. Good job SIBU !

  2. AnakMalaysia: Let's do it one by one, say 2 in a month, by the time you get all 222 MPs gone ashes, we can start from the 1st one again. See how deep is Jibby's pocket to keep giving out our money as if it is his own.

    康华:I made a mistake, was told she sang a song at the eve of voting, perhaps this is why Sibu shaken...

  3. Hope all the katak (BN friendly) one by one go start with the Perak katak and the latese one cornered by little Napoleon should go. Pray that more by-elections can come .Anywhere I salute the Sibu voters. Well done!

  4. she sang the wrong song:月亮代表我的心;isn't this PAS's song?