Wednesday, May 5, 2010

iPhone 4.0 Beta 3 installed

Ok, I admit that I am quite frustrated with iPhone 4.0 beta 2, sluggish, crash often, cannot charge at times.

Worse, it sometimes just jam the baseband. Yes, I still get signal, but cannot call or receive calls, cannot receive SMSes, cannot even get push notifications when it jammed up.

I never notice until I want to make calls, or just wondering why no one email me.... The solution is: reboot the iPhone.

So in a day, I have to reboot donkey times to make sure I get connected, sigh....

Entering beta 3. Everything seems well. Camera now works, although no zoom feature as yet. Phone is responsive, so far. I am glad.

But I am just wondering why Apple pulled off beta 3 a few hours after it is made available, no message, no notes, nothing.

Don't care. I will keep beta 3 until the next cycle comes, I had enough for beta 2.

Last note: the folder feature where apps can be arranged in folder does not seems to work well with iTunes.

iTunes will somehow screw up, and mess up the whole thing.

Good to have folders, but it is not the priority.

Next post, I am going to write something about JQuery.

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