Friday, May 21, 2010

MPPJ, are you telling us that your staff take bribe from developers?

When I came across this blown-up issue, I was stunt not because of the allegation that MPPJ staff are taking away allocation meant for settlers.

Council says staff encouraged to buy surplus low-cost flats

I was speechless for the courage of MPPJ to issue such statement to tell the world that their staff is openly taking bribe by accepting offers from various developers offering low cost units.

Why should the developers be so kind hearted to offer MPPJ staff, and not to the rest of the world? Or atleast others who are eligible?

If the low cost units were built under condition that development project must comply with certain quota for low cost units, of which the intention of such condition attached is meant for those who can't afford a shelter, ended up that MPPJ staff snatched their opportunities, then, isn't these MPPJ staff, from top to bottom, are worse than snatch thieves on the street?

And I am just wondering this happened since 2001, yet MACC has no action against this.

Hello MACC, these people are not walking in the corridor of power whom we duly understand your difficulty of getting these people to convict on their crime.

They are just ordinary public servants who have limited or no authority to cost your career or your life, and yet you let them go?

Perhaps one day, we will change our national anthem from Negara Ku, and copy the tunes from the Great Britain's, name it: "GOD save MAD Malaysia"!

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  1. Greedy bastards, sacks them , forfeit their retirement and EPF.