Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tourism Malaysia's online initiative fiasco

It was brought up by MP of the Opposition that Tourism ministry spent some RM1.8million on its online initiative, particularly on social media such as Facebook.

I have no idea what is the detailed plan going social media, and whether the amount is justifiable for such initiative, but I do know the government seems to be disconnected within itself, and does not orchestrate concrete strategy for whatever implementation.

Why I said the plan is not carefully thought out even without details on the plan itself?

First, we were told in a big fanfare way that the Prime Minister's department held a huge gathering of 1 million youth in Putrajaya. For this event alone, some RM27million spent.

Then we have Tourism Malaysia putting up Facebook pages, online games, etc to fuel domestic travel industry.

Knowing the youth formed the largest component in online demography, the government would have take the opportunity of the 1 million youth gathering to call every participant to join the tourism Malaysia's online initiative.

My limited experience thru interaction with a handful of younger generation revealed that most of them have around 500 to 1000 facebook friends from all over the world, exlcuding other social media services like Twitter etc.

This number is certainly impressive and it can make any online social media event an immediate success in terms of number if the government were to leverage on them.

Instead of the Prime Minister shouted emotionally during his speech to the 1 million youth to defend Putrajaya at all cost (it sounds more like a political campaign than a gathering supposedly helping the youth in various area of their interest, ie further study, job opportunity, etc)

The Prime Minister, if he ever care of the Nation as a whole, would have take the opportunity seeking concensus among the audience, and mobilizing them to start sharing out Tourism Malaysia's Facebook page for example.

Imagine 1 million people with average of 500 online friends, we are talking about a 500 million audience's channel for the price of RM27 million + RM1.8million, which means we spend less than RM0.60 per potential fans and get them heard of what we have to offer in this part of the world.

Of course the number may not be as large, it is certainly an impressive number to leverage on for a start to promote Malaysia worldwide.

Tourism Malaysia issued a press statement to counter accusation from the public for mis-appropriation of public fund by spending RM1.8million, claiming that their target by end of 2011 is 120,000 fans, which is equivalent to RM15 per fan.

By comparison, 1 million youth immediately vs struggling 24000+ as of now; 500 million almost immediate vs expected 120,000 by end of 2011; and RM0.60 vs RM15 per fan, which is favorable and well spent is without question.

That's why I said even they have weekly cabinet meetings, they have inter ministerial communications, they have all the alphabet soup from the top notch brains in the government, but they have never take national
Interest seriously as they claimed they do.

Worse, they operate as within themselves not knowing how to leverage on each others' strength.

They would have first ask me, perhaps the situation won't be as sticky as now :)

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