Sunday, June 12, 2011

What are you waiting for?

Both Selangor and Penang PR Administrations have declared that they will not dissolve respective state assemblies simultaneously should BN dissolved Parliament for fresh election.

The explanation given was that PR state administration wanted to finished it's task before facing the election, and it is a strategy adopted by PR state governments to focus on Federal level, then dissolve the state assemblies after the Parliamentary election is over.

I figured that PR is not ready to open 2 battle fronts at the same time, given significantly less resources PR has in hand compare to the ruling regime.

Another consideration may be perhaps that PR has not get enough registered voters to secure they chances of wining, hence, instead of losing all at one go, they would expect that if the result is favorable to PR on federal level, it is natural that the states will still be in their hands.

Personally I do not think this is the best way to attack, fighting an uphill battle requires creative strategy than stick to what they have been using in the past, and only given then inch of advancement, but losing out more.

In short, this is not the best way to defense.

In my humble opinion, given sentiments on price hikes, abuse of power, corruption that have hit BN badly in the recent days, PR should be bold enough to seek for mandate before BN gets itself ready.


Whenever approaching election, it is customary within UMNO, if not BN as a whole, to fight for candidacy. The level of negotiations and power struggling within the ruling regime is intensified and often beyond imagination, of which PKR should know far better than other PR partners.

If the internal fighting cannot be resolved, either by way of compensation or suppression, Najib will not call for fresh election given the fact those who are not chosen to be candidate will sure to sabotage in one way or another if compensation is not agreed upon by other means. This is too dangerous for Najib to dissolve the Parliament even the result is favorable to BN, Najib will subsequently face music within UMNO, which can lead him to Timbaktu.

On the other side, PR is facing similar problem, but lesser scale as it involves state assemblies within their control, there are less problem to solve for PR as compare to BN.

So, when your enemy is trying to sort itself and forming the best strategy to win the war, I see no reason why PR just sit idle waiting for it's opponent to get ready and it is certainly far superior in terms of resources, if not quality of candidates themselves.

If PR wanted to win the war, and win Putrajaya, it cannot allow Najib to have the leisure of time to sort out internal issues, and prepared, then dance with Najib's music.

PR must be brave enough to take over the control on deciding when should be the election, and it should be far ahead instead of letting the opponent to have ammunition ready to fight.

PR must force Najib to decide whether the Federal to follow the state's decision, i.e.

If Najib have to rush to make sure that elections to be held simultaneously, he will not be able to please every warlords within UMNO, since election needs money, and these warlords need to find ways to get enough to fight the war, and time is not with them, it can be very frustrated experience, that ultimately leads to Najib's downfall if BN cannot perform well;

If Najib is not following for as settlement is not done within BN, how will BN face the smaller scale war to contest in the upcoming state elections, given that most of the PR held seats are in the expense of BN, how will BN field it's candidates even just for the state election will be a big headache especially this will disrupt Najib's plan of getting his line up properly without interference.

If you want to win the war, you must dictate the terms, and leave your opponent no choice but to follow you. But if you are forced to dance with your opponent's music, your days are numbered.

Thus, whoever strike first, will win the war, not just the 2 or 4 states, but Putrajaya.

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  1. Indeed time is not with BN. People have been saying that the economy might not rosy in the second half as compare to previous year. Forever growing up inflation has boiled ppl's blood to the spine. So the later Najib calls for the GE, the more risk he will be facing. I wonder how the PR components parties coordinate themselves for preparing the GE. Are them already in preparation for the GE or they are still taking their own sweet time to warm up? PR - must stretch their muscles to show the rakyat that they are ready to march in Putrajaya.

  2. If you read between lines, you will notice that I do not consider voters as a main concern since a portion of large enough voters can be influenced during the campaigns, thus, it is who is better prepared will win.

    UMNO's known problem is how to make sure warlords are pleased and willing to forge. If they got what they wanted, I don't see PR will even have a slightest chance to win.

    But if they are still busy trying to settle their differences, be it resource allocation, distribution of power, etc, PR is sure to win, even if they are ill prepared.

    In any election, ability to mobilize is the key, if warlords just sit tight and not wanting to invest on those who are not align with them (why should they unconditionally fund their would be opponent within the party?), UMNO will fall.

  3. Awareness among voters should be the last to count on, given the fact that Malaysian are complacent.

    Unless we see uprising trend here in malaysia, else the faith of this country is still determined by political warlords, especially those from UMNO.

    Hence, PR should take the opportunity to disrupt on going negotiations which will then hit right on the spot.