Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where are you heading, HP?

Suen of HP returned call after I tried calling toll free. I wanted to know what is the status, whether the letter is ready.

She said the letter is to be issued from the HP office, and claimed that they will fax the draft copy for me to go thru before issuing the formal letter. She said they should be faxing anytime now. I told her that I am not station in one office, I have a few offices that I will be traveling, thus, if they missed today, I will not be getting the fax on time.

Come to think about it, why should they seek my approval for the letter. Isn't it easy to draft a simple apology letter and have it put together with the monitor I am going to exchange tomorrow, and if I am satisfy with the content, I am asking for apology, need no explanation, then we do a swap and done.

Why should this be complicated for HP?

Suen told me that HP office may want to courier the original letter to my house. Why not I pick up together with the monitor? Why the letter has to come to my house where I then have to wait for courier to deliver? Why HP wants to spend unnecessarily?

It is a simple unhappy customer with defective product seeking for replacement, and the whole thing become so messy that HP is making mistake over and over again. As my wife was saying, if HP can only provide a refurbish unit, they should then seek for our agreement and offer perhaps compensation as we bought a new unit at street price without discount.

In any circumstances, they should not lie. I don't expect HP to do miracle as Apple did to me, swapping my powerbook G3 after 3 year when proven design and manufacturing defect on the motherboard, for a brand new powerbook G4 current model complete in a box back late 2006. And numerous battery recall programs that Apple send in notebook battery at no cost to me.

At least HP should tell me the truth.

This reminds me of a series of warranty claims that we made throughout these years:

Compaq Armada M300
She was using Compaq Armada M300 as her first notebook, and like it very much. Compaq service is speedy when we did one warranty claim within its 3 year life span. There were no question asked on the warranty claim for keyboard, they just snap in a new keyboard and done.

NEC Versa S60
After Armada, she bought NEC Versa for RM6k, right after 3 year warranty, motherboard died. Replacement motherboard cost RM5k+, we did not want to proceed.

ATEC notebook
Since branded product cannot give me assurance that the parts is reasonably priced, she went for ATEC, a Thai brand OEM from the same manufacturer as Twinhead. A few months after using the notebook, keyboard key problem. (she is heavily on keyboard, unlike me), we called ATEC service centre, got the keyboard replaced within 1 hour. No question asked.

I have been long time Mac user, first notebook is the Powerbook G3, which I mentioned that Apple replaced the whole unit after 3 years admitting it is their design defects.

Within a month after getting the new notebook, backlit gone after suffered a knock.

Call Apple, have the whole LCD panel changed within hours, no question asked.

So I bought another G4, as my appreciation to Apple.

Now I am using Macbook on the move..

Why HP behave otherwise? Am I too demanding? I am trying to get things right, and they have srewed it up. I am trying to make it simple, they have complicate the matter.

Where is HP heading to? Just want to be box mover and sacrify service quality?


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