Sunday, April 27, 2008

Apology, this time from Hishamuddin Tun Hssein

Remember this?

Well, Khairy (the darker one) said Hisham's act is one of the factor BN not "winning comfortably", in another word, BN lost.

What Khairy failed to address is that he is one of the factor BN not "winning" as well!

Let's talk about the apology, we will deal with Khairy later.

Hisham said if his act in the UMNO Youth Assembly offended non-Malay, he is willing to apologize.

A dozen of so-called BN component party youth leaders, Chinese "leaders", analysts, etc praised Hisham for admitting his wrong doing in the past, and urge everyone to forgive Hisham and look forward.

Hisham's statement, as published in all media, has never apologize for his act. He merely said that if his act offended non-Malay, he is willing to apologize.

The same statement will serve him well in the upcoming UMNO general election, where he can always claim that he is willing to apologize, but none feel offended, thus, no apology, and he is still the Hero of the Malay.

I feel very sad on what's going on here, reading how MCA Youth Chief Liaw claimed that MCA Youth forged and finally get Hisham to apologize. And since Hisham has done so, we should move forward.

How to move forward if Hisham only intended to apologize but not done so?

You teach me!

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