Friday, April 25, 2008

Look like new, work like new, but it's not new, HP!

I received a fax from HP, signed by Josephine Wong, Alliance Manager for HP Consumer & Service Support, Imaging & Printing Group, stating that:
  1. HP offered professional HP on-site engineer to inspect my faulty monitor, and I rejected
Answer from my previous posting:

"16 Apr, someone called, told me that they will like to send the replacement monitor to my house, and to collect the faulty one, with condition that the faulty monitor should not have scratches. Agreed, but I cannot agree with them wanting to visit me the same day they called, I have prior arrangement up to 2 weeks in advance, and most of them are scheduled meetings that I need to attend, or else, I will have to reschedule meetings, which is unfair to other attendees. I had meeting at Mid Valley office 1200MYT, and UBN office 1700MYT. I will not be able to call off for such a short notice just to wait for the monitor to be replaced. My wife is packed the same day.

Then I asked if I can make appointment on 17 Apr, since I will be at UOA II office at 4pm, They said they will have to call me to confirm on the same day, i.e. 17 April."

Seriously, I am still awake now as I came home late when I have scheduled work and meetings in town. I reached home typically around 12 midnight, and need to rush for some house keeping stuff, and able to sit down and go thru my work around 3am.

Thus I told him I will be sure free at 3am. He must be thinking that I am a jerk, but it is real for the past 20+ years.

Furthermore, I have repeatedly said that the faulty monitor needs atleast 5 hours with mains switch off, and turn on again, then problem surfaced. What's the point of engineer who can only spend a short time in my house to be able to detect the problem?

2. HP offered a timely pick-up and delivery to inspect my faulty monitor, which I again rejected
This was after considering the timing of pick-up and delivery where we have then to wait for HP boys when both of us is having tight schedule daily.

So, still making us wait? No way.

Josephine further claimed that as a gesture of goodwill, HP is offering a brand new monitor.

I was told the replacement monitor a new one, and was assured over the phone, in their email, and when I pointed out that I cannot accept a refurbished as new replacement unit, then it was then my fault and not theirs, HP has done everything in accordance to their best practices to ensure customer satisfaction AND I AM A JERK SHOUTING NONESENSE.

If you were in my shoe Josephine, after listening to assurance from your manufacturer that the replacement unit is a brand new unit fresh from factory (of course they omitted the fact that it is a refurbishing factory, not manufacturing factory) that brought in from Singapore as urgent delivery to address my complaint, that HP does not even have time to dress the "new" monitor properly, thus, hand-written serial number, etc cropping up, but it is BRAND NEW, and COMPLETELY NEW that HP dares to give an assurance letter that the monitor is as claimed!

and the truth is:



Before going further on the letter, HP claimed warranty of my faulty monitor which carries serial number CND7142CPT, expired.

I checked HP support site, read below:

warranty is valid. wh they said not??

TO be Continue...

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