Monday, April 21, 2008


18 April 2008

I received an email which Suen promised to send as below, interestingly, Apple Mail see the mail as Junk:
The first paragraph of the mail says: ...As per-conversation, I will be sending you a formal letter regarding the new monitor which you have just received..

HP still think that consumer like us are naive and easily believe that a big name like HP issue an assurance letter validate HP's claim is nothing but the truth. I would have wait for the formal
letter and give HP a hard one back.

This is what I found on the "NEW" replacement monitor:

1. A clear and obvious scratch across the base of the "NEW" monitor.

2. Both VGA and DVI connector on the "NEW" monitor look like this:

3. Serial number is handwritten. A "NEW" monitor with hand-written serial number, this probably the HP way of managing their inventory! 4. However, the monitor claimed itself as another serial number, obviously the original serial number is erased, and the new serial number is CND0000001 - the first manufactured monitor!! Read on, the on screen information claimed the backlit is used 244 hours! HP QA needs 10 around-the-clock days to ensure its quality. Serious! But the QA has nothing to do with me, from the day I managed to talk to HP until 17 April 2008 is only 4 days

5. I found a warranty sticker at the side of the monitor, printed "ChungCo Technology Sdn Bhd" marked the date as 01 08, which is Jan 2008. What it means?

ChungCo Technology Sdn Bhd is an OEM manufacturer in Shah Alam, and also a refurbish contractor for well-known brands like HP.

I know for sure this is not a new unit, and ChungCo Technology Sdn Bhd in Shah Alam CANNOT be the manufacturer of this particular unit of "NEW" monitor since it is produced in Shen Zhen, China (read the fine print on the last line).

19 April 2008

Suen called after receiving 2 mails urging her to call me at 1130MYT on Sat. I asked her for a new unit or refund, she responded that HP management decided to give me a brand new unit, and will be delivered to my house by HP engineers to ensure everything is alright. If the brand new unit is still having problem, HP will refund in full to rest the case.

I told her:

First, I have asked for either a new replacement unit, or refund. Throughout my negotiation with Jay, we have reached the agreement to replace a new unit rather than refund, which is win-win for both sides.

Second, I have told her that the replacement unit given to me is a refurbished unit over the phone, with visible scratches and obvious signs that the replacement unit is not a new unit, and I paid for a new unit which is faulty. Thus it is unfair for HP to give me a refurbished, treating that as a new one.

Third, why not cut it short and close the case by giving me a new replacement unit and call it a day?

Suen said if I cannot agree with the current "NEW" replacement unit, she needs time to ensure that HP is preparing a new replacement unit. Should I not satisfied after receiving the unit, HP commits that they will do a full refund.

This is not my way of getting things done. I asked for replacement or refund, then we agreed on replacement. When the replacement is found to be a refurbished unit. HP now offer new boxed unit as replacement, and should I not satisfied with the new replacement unit, they will refund.

HP forgoten that:

1. HP screwed me up first
2. HP agreed on replacement wiith new unit.

I will never accept a refund, and HP will have to service me as their customer whenever I need.


I will consult with my legal aids whether I should file and demand for public apology.

If HP a good company, then the management should apologize for all these, and HP needs to admit that they have cheated me, framing me, and trying to talk me over to accept a solution which is unfair to its customer.

the HP brand is now black listed for me, and no goodwill for what HP has done to me, and I believe there are silent majority just accepting HP's dictation as their faith.

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