Monday, April 6, 2009

Chinese Second Deputy Prime Minister

Read this:

MCA tells Najib to create a 2nd DPM post
Apr 3, 09 4:02pm
The MCA, an influential partner in Barisan Nasional, today called upon Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to create a post for a Chinese deputy prime minister and a Chinese deputy chairperson of BN.
Similar post in BN too
Will be fair for all

Aha! What about Kadazan, Iban, Indian, Mamak, pribumi, etc.?

Why not ask for DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER? Why 2nd Deputy Prime Minister?

What difference does it make if other than UMNO ministers have to plea, beg, demand, you name it, for anything to be done?

It really doesn't matter for me who will be the prime minister, deputy, or ministers. What matters me is whether they sincerely do their work for the nation.

Who really care about the skin color, religion, mother tongue, race so far as their tasks are carried out for the benefit of the nation.

What a stupid demand at the wrong hour?

Wonder if MCA do have brain to demand judging from their performance in the 308 election!

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