Monday, April 6, 2009

ISA and threat to the nation

13 ISA detainees freed, the Government is going to review the ISA.

Good news, isn't it? This is what those activists wanted, right? This is what those who opposed the Government wanted to do should they grabbed the Federal administration, correct?

The Government did this to silence ISA critics, and showing that the new administration is friendly and tolarable.

Question: what is the selection criteria that the 13 freed while others are still detained?

Question: if these detainees have been accused of committing crime and is a threat to the nation, why shouldn't the government bring them to court?

Question: if there sufficient proof to convince the Home Affair Minister that detaintion order signed against the detainees, why not bring them to the court?

Question: if the government does not have sufficient proof to convince the court of any wrong doing of these detainees, ok what ground the Home Affair Minister signed their detaintion orders?

Question: can the government be specific on how one can be the threat to the nation?

Question: do we have sufficient legislation to deal with all sorts of crimes, without ISA and Sedition Act?

Can the government make these known to the citizen as the government owes responsibilty to make clear of everything?

What if The Home Affair Minister made a mistake? What if the Home Affair Minister did not get the right reports from the Police prior to signing the detaintion order?

What if the Home Affair Minister is biased?

Why not just abolish the ISA and Sedition Act to show that the new administration walks the talk?


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