Sunday, April 5, 2009

Who is right?

When the Hindraf 5 was detained under the ISA, the Home Affair Minister described the 5 as threat to the nation, and denied their rights to refer Government's action against them: detention without trial.

When Najib became the Prime Minister, he announced immediate release of 2 of the 5 detained Hindraf leaders. No explanation given on why the 2 is released, and why the other 3 are still detained.

Who is right now?

Home Affair Minister, who claimed that the 5 are threat to the nation therefore ISA is used to detain without trial.

What is the selection criteria of Najib on who should be released, is there something not right when the ISA was invoked on the 5.

Is this land ruled by man, or ruled by law?

If it is ruled by law, whose law?

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