Friday, April 24, 2009

Penanti By-election : BN Should WIN

Although I am in favour of any Pakatan candidate to be nomincated for Penanti by-election, I do hope that BN will win this time.

Better if BN nominates Ahmad Ismail, the one who uttered "Cina Pendatang", to race for the state seat.

There's no reason why Ahmad Ismail cannot be the candidate, there's no reason why BN cannot win.

Leave the component parties like Gerakan and MCA aside, as BN need no Chinese support, or rather, the component parties have failed harvesting the Chinese votes in previous by-elections.

Thus, it should be BN vs Pakatan, or BN vs Keadilan, and there's no reason BN's Ahmad Ismail cannot win.

It will be interesting to see if the winner of Penanti seat to be appointed as the first Deputy Chief Minister, and yet Ahmad Ismail's victory (if he is nominated, and won) will give both Guang Eng and DSAI a good slap.

It is good, in my opinion, that BN should win, and win big time.

But if BN decided not to go for it, or BN nominated other than Ahmad Ismail, it will be the starting of the fall of BN.

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