Sunday, April 5, 2009

Managing Expectation

It was an announcement that there will be BIG announcement tonight, from DSAI.

And the announcement is none other than defection of 6,000 PPP members to PKR at the wee hour of the by-election.

DSAI has yet to learn the lesson of 916, i.e. managing expectation.

Najib on the other hand, managed to come out with unmatched surprises, even if it is controversial like the fall of Pakatan's Perak State Government.

I am disappointed, and I do believe that most who wanted a CHANGE are disappointed.

I know, I know, it is not easy to fight BN as it has far reaching influence in all aspect of life in this land.

It is not easy to fight when you are weaker, with the mighty, wealthy, and arrogant ruling regime.

But what most people wanted is to ensure the country is managed, administrated, and run professionally.

Not the surprises that means nothing but political mileage that make no change to this country.

I hope both sides understand, at least respect the commoners and make our life easier in this troubled time.

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