Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I also want to be government supplier

Read this piece from Malaysiakini and makes me feel that the lucky supplier is laughing his way to the bank.

Touch screen PC! The government is so generous to let all MPs, 222 of them, to experience the Touch sensation!

But wait..... Do you really need keyboard and mouse for a touch screen device? Or do the government understand what touch screen is all about?

Ok. Now the best part:

80GB hard drive costs RM320!

Holly shit! You can get a 500GB hard drive in Low Yat Plaza at as low as RM160.

If I am the supplier, I can supply 500GB hard drive for RM320 and still make 100% profit from street price.

So whoever approved the purchase, let me be your supplier and I can share with you 1/2 the profit!

Translated by yours truly:

Minister in the Prime Minister's department, in charge of Parliamentary Affair, Nazri, in his written reply stating that the new touch screen computers recently installed costs RM11,916 per unit.


He was answering question raised by MP Fong Poh Kuan, saying that the original cost of each touch screen PC is RM11,233, excluding other accessories such as keyboard.


"a keyboard, mouse, and keyboard tray cost the Government RM320, an 80GB hard drive costs RM363, thus a complete unit of touch screen PC is RM11,916."


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