Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sorry but you cannot be the Prime Minister

Many trying all sorts to climb themselves to the peak, lies, tricks, back stabbing, and whatever even beyond your imagination.

Before the official formation of Pakatan Rakyat, Anwar is seen assuming the leading role for Pakatan Rakyat.

When the news of Zaid Ibrahim been named as the leading role for Pakatan when filing for registration, question raised within and outside Pakatan of why it is Zaid and not the others, especially Anwar.

The are PKR legislators quickly countered that Zaid is merely for registration purpose while Anwar still lead.

When Zaid Ibrahim suggested Tok Guru Nik Aziz to be the Chair, DAP protested in their usual way, and proposed Lim Kit Siang instead.

See, these people are trying to grab power and influence even before the dream of being the host in Putrajaya realized.

What different does it make compare to UMNO when it comes to power grab?

I insisted that Anwar is innocent but can Anwar put off every other responsibilities just to focus on his cases, instead of grabbing everything he can in his hand?

The opposed noise from DAP on Tok Guru Nik Aziz merely suggest that DAP leaders are worried about their grisp on voters supporting them.

For PAS, it is simple, Kit Siang cannot be the PR taiko because he is a non Muslim.

All these don't see themselves as one family.

When you are in such situation, what will you, as a voter, will do?

I will rather go vote for BN for the first time in my life come next election, and sink Pakatan than to regret later if Pakatan ever be at the peak of Putrajaya.

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  1. 你要民联好,不给民联草?

  2. Pakatan has no honey moon, neither do they have the leisure of making mistakes, further, those mistakes are the exact duplicate of BN.

    So why should we choose either BN or Pakatan when both looks the same.

    You are right! Both are bad apples. Does it mean that we have to pick one?

    I do appreciate what PR has brought and forcing BN to change. But does it means I am bound to put them in power with my vote?

    PR needs to be better, and ordinary people like us need to keep watching. If criticism is not acceptable, then bye bye.

    I asked Anwar this a year ago: why should you be the Prime Minister if PR take over the Federal Government. His answer is: God willing, if PR leadership supports him, and the people wants him.

    Understood, fair statement. When we want someone to clear their names in numerous accusations or allegations, isn't it good for Anwar to clear his as well before he is made the Prime Minister, if all agreed?

  3. Oh yes! forgotten. Whether I was COO or HOD or a thief does not seems matter in this case.

    At least you know who you are talking to. Who are you 小明 btw?