Thursday, November 26, 2009


Found 2 puppies 2 days ago, it was raining.

Fido was the first being rescued from the monsoon drain.

Rido was the next one, about 3 hour later when the rain got heavy. I picked him from the drain.

Hugo was the last, he was outside of my gate when I found him

All three playing in our garden. Tiny as they can be, and all of them are male.

The 2 was hiding underneath monsoon drain near my house.

I believe that some irresponsible person throw them out from their house, why? Cause I heard puppies' noise when passing by their house, and now no more.

Tonight, another 1 came near my house. Hungry.

I brought him in and give some food, together with the earlier 2, there are now 3 in my house.

We have already 3 dogs, a couple of cats. Adding these puppies, am afraid that we are not able to take care of them.

Is anyone interested in adopting puppies, please comment with your contacts. I will contact you and post it without your personal information.

Will post their pictures a while later.

Thanks in advance.

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