Monday, April 26, 2010

Hulu Selangor - epilogue

It is hard to swallow, I know, it's kind of end of the world for many who support PR and Zaid.

Lack of coordination is probably the main factor of the defeat. Personal attack does not seems to have effect on the results as I can see.

It was also wrongly strategize for stuff like last minute appointment of Zaid by the Selangor state government to head the settlers' task force. This should have been done long ago, even if it is headed by another person or the ex-MP.

In short, PR is still not sensitive to sentiment, still believe that they will change the world by just talking.

So it is a new beginning, although not a pleasant starting point, but life needs to go on..

PR, I hope you learned the lesson well, please stop accusing your opponent if you still want to play the game, even you know well it is lopsided. Else you gotta figure out how to get your opponent to play yours.


  1. There is always never too late, hope PR will be more sensitive and work harder.

  2. AnakMalaysia: PR lost because of itself, It is sad that Zaid is sacrificed. I see BN learned from their past mistakes, but not PR. PR keeps repeating mistakes that can be avoided, which is like digging its own grave.

    We wanted BN to go, PR is not the only choice, but PR thinks they are indispensable, which brings them humiliation.

    We are yet to see if this is truly a wake-up call, or PR keeps snoring even alarm is triggered.