Sunday, April 11, 2010

iPad landed in Malaysia!

I went to Low Yat plaza this evening to fix up my iPhone 3G touch screen. (yes, it happened again after fixing up last Wednesday. This time is the top half having problem, not the bottom half as earlier)

While waiting for the friendly technician to fix my iPhone, I saw iPad boxes displaying in quite a few outlets.

One of the outlet let me took a shot of the unit.

You should have an idea of how big the iPad is :)

Frankly, I've never seen any web browser, even Safari running on top of the range Mac Pro, screams like iPad's Safari. You get every page almost instantly with no waiting!

For that one hour I was hanging around at another outlet, I saw not less than 20 units sold.

Remarkable! Isn't it? Given the price set at RM2,888 (approximately USD907) for 16GB WiFi only model (selling in US for USD499), and without warranty (these are units brought in by third party, not Apple nor other official channels).

So if you are interested, below is the calling card of the store I took the picture.

-- Post From My iPhone


  1. Unbelievable , brought in by third party ? $400 plus usd, why not ask a friend to send in from U S ? Ups won`t cost that much .

  2. Some people Kia su ma! They can still wait a while to make sure they get proper warranty instead of looking for those "submarine" goods.