Thursday, April 15, 2010

Streamyx down, 1Malaysia DOWN!

I was driving back from town, after collecting my renewed Streamyx Block Buster modem from TM Point, my wife SMS me:

Internet got problem

I thought because I did a switch on my package and need the new modem, thus I just answered:

coming back

She immediately sent another one:

Not pay rite?

She thought we did not pay the bill thus the line was cut, I replied:

Just collected new modem, need to put in.

Immediately, my colleague called:

Office TM line down, other offices TM lines down! Client's TM line down too! The whole damn KL down!!!

then he added:

Must be Isreali agent's work, sigh!

I told him:

my house also got problem, my wife thought we didn't pay the bill, I thought it was the switch of package, now it seems serious....

But... wait.... can it be TM sodomised by Anwar??!

He chuckled over the other side of the phone:

by APCO??

We left the question unanswered. Then I proceed to call TM Helpline (100):

After about 10 calls, managed to call in, the usual distorted voice recording playing like the old cassette player:

For Bahasa Malaysia, tekan 1, for English, press 2...

I pressed 2

For technical assistance, press 1, for account information............

I pressed 1

there goes, it was quiet over the other side, like you are being suck into the black hole.... long enough for me to finally gave up....

Put down the phone, called again, the line is not longer accessible.....

Gosh! This is the helpline of the biggest Telco in Malaysia, and helpline is OUT??

I was wondering..... my mind started to go wild..... I then sent SMS to my colleague:

Can call TM 100 now, but when press 2 English, 1 technical assistance, the phone no sound. This confirmed tmnet been sodomised

One of my colleague replied:

Ok, I try

a while later, he SMS:

Yeah, already sodomised

Another replied:

Haha.. By Apco

Out of options, we were stranded with support calls pouring from users, yet TM helpline is still not reachable. The best you get is the distorted lady's voice like those horror movie:

Untuk Bahasa Malaysia, tekan 1, for English, press 2.......

Ah! this is really 1Malayaia....



  1. Apa lagi Boleh ? Cakap saja lah ! "SI MI L C PUN TAK BOLEH ."

  2. AnakMalaysia: Bole!! Kita SA Ma BOLE!

    20Juta untuk buat teh tarik di angkasa lepas, Malaysia Bole!
    Terbang fighter jet tanpa injin, Malaysia Bole!
    Jumpa Obama bayar RM76million, Malaysia Bole!
    Orang mati dalam lockup kata dia mati lemas, Malaysia Bole!
    Orang terhempas tingkat 14 kata dia macam SUPERMAN, Malaysia memang Bole!
    Buntut orang macam virgin lagi cakap dipecah pintu belakang, Malaysia Bole!
    Kata wang tak cukup nak GST sama kita, lagi buat stadium mudah runtuh, Malaysia Bole!
    Cakap prihatin tapi minyak naik 3 X, gula naik, beras naik, apa apa naik, asal gaji TAK boleh naik takut orang asing tamau datang buat kilang, Malaysia memang BOLE!
    Macam macam cakap tin kosong sampai durian jatuh pun pasti DIA BOTOL you SALAH, Malaysia BOLE!