Thursday, April 22, 2010

iPhone 4.0 Beta 2, goodies and screw-ups

These days are kind of stress: work pours in, datelines to meet, speed and accuracy are most important for assignments in my hands now.

I was tempting and eventually updated the beta 1 earlier last week. Overall, the impression seems good, except that some of my favourate apps ceased to function.

This drive me to update to beta 2 when it was released yesterday. Apple dropped me a mail yesterday morning that beta 2 is ready to download, I have virtually no time until this wee hour, where I can have about 1 hour without accessing to the Internet, working on my MacBook, then I initiate the download, and update.

What do I have with beta 2?

Well, my MobileRSS works now, it crashes like nobody's business in beta 1. It is not the only RSS/Google Reader app facing the problem. In fact almost all free RSS apps are having the same problem. Thus, it is apparently Apple's problem and glad that they fixed it.

Another problem fixed is photos deleted from MacBook after importing to either iPhoto or using Image Capture, will still leave a black spot as if the photo is still there. This is clearly the index/sqlite problem with Photo app on iPhone 4.0 beta 1, which is now fixed.

What are the problems?

Camera is gone, I mean it is still there, you can still snap pictures, but after the shutter closed, that's it! Nothing is saved, and the camera just jam there, much like mechanical camera when the shuttle stuck.

I cannot get into International settings to change my Hong Kong region to other country, it keeps booting me back to the home screen.

This is what I have thus far, need to go back to work again, sigh!

More screw-ups:

I cannot use 3G unless I enabled Data Roaming. This is not a big problem for me as I do not travel, but it can be serious for those who are traveling.

Even more screw-ups:
My iPhone refused to sync or charge when connected, after running a few apps. It will charge/sync again when I restarted the phone.

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