Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hulu Selangor - I missed almost all!!

I was there, but I missed almost all. First, it was fucking heavy jam. Why jam? Ask the Royal Malaysia Police!!

Second, it was raining. Rain started to pour approaching Rasa, the place where the heat is on.

Third, it was simply too late, when we finally found the venue, Tian Chua, the final speaker, was wrapping up his speech.

But I noticed there are a hall full of people, mostly middle age and above, are still listening, waving flag, and applause when Tian talk about Beng Hock, talk about the future.

Before reaching the hall, I had a chance to speak to a guy, who are confident that Zaid will win the race. I am however, not as optimistic.

The best part of our conversation is:

"Oh?! BN?! You mean will BN win?! I tell you, my wife is there in the BN camp since 7pm, eat all she can, take whatever is giving out, but we'll sure to vote for Zaid."

Earlier, PM speak damn loud on TV saying that they will bring development, and buy land at a good price, with condition that they take over Selangor come next election.

Real mother fucker! I thought Gerakan did the same, and Penangies make things simpler: Throw Gerakan to the sea.

Yet, with APCO Worldwide, the best PR firm in the world, PM repeated the same. Our RM76Million is as good as flushing from our toilet bowl!

Let's see if Hulu Selangor be the final nail.


  1. Chia, thanks for the info, you are full with FIRE today !

  2. CY, don't give up & fall into BeEnd's dirty tricks. Lawan tetap lawan!!! Fingers crossed - justice will prevails this coming Sunday!!!

  3. AnakMalaysia: I heard, I felt, and if I can, why those moron not?

    Douglas: Not giving up. Will go today again, perhaps a little earlier to see what is happening in the Malay dominated areas.

  4. I read that BN is using dirty
    tricks to prevent residents working outside to return to vote. The police set up road blocks and causing heavy traffic jam .Voters of HS please return home early so that you can in time to vote.WE must stand united to vote Zaid in parliament.