Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Attack is the best strategy to defend

Recent political development shows that UMNO is no longer sitting like a dunggu waiting for its opponents to shoot.

It is clear that UMNO has changed its strategy, from defensive, to offensive, utilizing all resources it can have to stir up opponents back yard, be it formal investigation, media propaganda, black mailing via anonymous blogs, you name it.

It is also clear that the current UMNO president is not waiting for wind of change, he is making the wind to change.

On the other hand, Pakatan Rakyat seems to be on the defensive move.

It is clear, and it is very clear, who will be the winner. The winner takes all, in ONE piece, and the losers will be losing their pants off in no time.

Please stop being naive that TBH or other cases like PKFZ, Balkis, Balinese Palace, will make any difference to the outcome. The big boss just need to ignore all these, and bulldoze his way thru. When it is settled, like Perak, it's settled. You can cry, shout, show your anger, take legal action, but who cares?

When a kid got his sweets in hand, do you think he will ever want to give you back?

With this, do you think that your vote can still make the difference? Do you think that the day will come where you will be exercising your rights to pick who to manage your country?

I dunno, really dunno. Perhaps I am very negative these days..


  1. I see that... but you surely have your reasons that you define & defend! The little I know still lets me believe you are someone who see & say things as they are, with your conscious.

  2. It is hard to digest, especially for me to read the message of the one doing anything possible to hold on to power. Transparency, democracy, caring government, are all poison in disguise.

    The name of the game is power and money.. The people? Their rights? Hack! Who cares?