Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do you think your vote count?

I am not trying to undermine anyone, anyone who are eligible to vote for their future, yes, voting for their future, not who to form the Government.

In reality, do you think you can ever, with a vote in your hand, decide your future yourself?

We witnessed political frogs jumping from one side to another. Yes, you may argue that you voted for them in person, not their political party. But why on earth these frogs not contesting without party association in the first place to make their intention clear?

You may say they were marginalised, hence they have to leave their party to support another.

If they ever been marginalised, this means they are not fit for the job, which requires fine political and diplomatic skills. Thus, they failed, period.

One question: Do you vote because they are who they are, or just recognise them by the political party they associated? The answer is quite clear, I believe.

So, when the frogs jumping around, can you still say that your vote makes the difference?

Your vote, is probably the lowest in the priority list of any frogs or would-be-frogs, be it jumping from left to right, or right to left. In the mind of frogs, you are merely someone who they would just wanted to fish your vote once every 5 years, and you will be forgotten once the election is over.

So, do you think that you are able to make the change? No! Only the frogs are making the changes, for whatever reason known only to themselves, they switch side faster than the blink of your eyes, and they will tell you all they have done before jumping was wrong and nothing but wrong, and what they are doing now is correct.

But all wrong not inclusive of your vote to them, since they think they earned with their sweat and blood.

So frogs are jumping, you votes go nowhere. And you tell me you are voting for your future?


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