Saturday, August 15, 2009

Self inflicted black eye, suicide, now falling down by himself

The 3 incidents above have many in common:

1. Of the 2 injuried and 1 died, all of them are either member of the oppositions, or someone the authority fear most;

2. All 3 injuried or killed while in authority's custody;

3. All 3 are either alleged on corruption or abuse of power, besides other charges;

4. All 3 were denied access to their respective lawyer;

5. All incidents were officially announced as a self act and none of the officers involved;

Mr Authority, can you please change your script? We are all fed-up with the same play rolling over and over again.

Can you give us something new? We'll give you our vote if you screen a better play next time.

Or why not just shoot them down and claimed they intended to refuse arrest, will it be a better idea since dead body will go tell too much later.

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