Friday, August 14, 2009

Dog fight

The heat is on!!

Two Barisan Nasional lawmakers, one of them a Federal Minister, and the other, the Chair of Barisan Nasional Backbencher's Club, are fighting and revealing the ugly side of one another.

The Chair claimed he "donated" a sum of RM10million to the Federal Minister, who is also the President of Malaysia Chinese Association, one of the component party of the ruling regime. The Chair also revealed that the Federal Minister has been traveling with private jet owned by the Chair's company, without paying.

Meanwhile, the Federal Minister accused the Chair taking revenge on the Port Klang Free Zone scandal, claimed that he decided to make public the Review report by PriceWaterhouse Cooper, implicating that the Chair's company, which is the turn key contractor of the nearly failed project, is in the wrong.

What I am interested to know is:

Why should the Federal Minister, who is a president of a political party, seeking donation from someone from another political party?

Also, the Federal Minister admitted that he travelled using the Chair's company's private jet, but stressed that it is for official duty, and the company in question has not bill the Minister for service rendered. Question here: why should the Minister of Transport need to travel by private jet, whereas Aviation department, which has a couple of planes, is under his ministry?

I am not keen to know whether who is lying in this case, certainly someone is, or both are.

I am keen to know how many of such cases, i.e. flow of money from one hand to another, from the rich businessmen to politicians, without record.

How many cases of such, and how much is involved?

And what are we doing? Sit tight and watch the soap opera? Or are we going to do something to make sure this does not involve eventually the State's money?

Is the convenience provided to the Minister an exchange of something else? More contracts to be awarded or to cover up something that cannot be revealed?

What is the stand of the Prime Minister? Is he letting the issue going on, which involves one of his cabinet minister? Is he acknowledged before the Chair retaliate? Or is he siding the Minister?

And if he is, of any one of the above, what is the reason behind? Power play?

Gosh! This country is really sick. The politicians doesn't even care of the people, and keeps making this kind of 'joke' that really hurt people like us who have been taxed left right centre, front and back too.

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