Friday, June 11, 2010

I don't give a damn about MCA

Ibrahim Ali: I don't give a damn about MCA

Frankly, who bother what MCA is up to?


  1. I am starting to like him, a mixture of Benny Hills and JR (if you are old enough you probably will know who JR is in Dallas).

    The scriptwriter created such an innovative character designed to fit him. Of course, his talented touch deserves praise from all walk of lives.

    Nevertheless, the effort of 3-in-1, ie. Producer cum Director cum lead role as the Great Leader to make this 1Malaysia a reality, should be honored with not only Oscar, but Cannes as well. Asia Film Festival is too small for such achievement.

    This is probably the greatest film ever produced in the history of Cinematography.

  2. ha ha ha, Ibrahim Ali is telling the truth. Who care about MCA