Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why I am so comfortable with Apple products

I have been dealing with manufacturer's support for the past years, ranging from Acer to NEC, to HP, and Apple.

Frankly, I have not been using Windows PCs/notebooks since I bought my first iBook some 10 years ago, I stick to Apple because of their support response, and no-question-ask attitude, makes Apple support stands out.

When I bought the first iBook, it was a G3, and it is a tool to me, not luxury glamor to show off. My iBook G3 was having problem with the LCD, and since, the motherboard has been replaced 3 X.

The 4th time it broke, local Apple rep refused to replace a new unit claiming that their have extended my warranty from 1 year to 3 year without charge, and replacement motherboard, although is free, will not carry warranty of 1 year, or 3 month (standard for replacement part). It has only less than 1 month warranty.

Knowing this is design fault, and after having argument with local Apple rep, I decided to write to the top man in Apple you know who.

2 days later, I received a call from Apple regional HQ, telling me that my brand new iBook replacement is on its way to me.

The replacement comes complete with everything, and it is a G4, someone has quietly upgraded for me, and as complement, I can keep my mul-function iBook G3.

Unfortunately the new G4 was robbed, and discovered, but have to lie in the police station 1 month after I received.

I bought another G4, using for a few weeks, somehow I shocked the unit, and LCD backlit broken.

I called Apple, and brought the unit to service center, and got it fixed free of charge.

Entered the MacBook age, my current MacBook is late 2007, warranty have since expired without Apple Care when I noticed that the casing cracked.

Call Apple, and got it replaced for free.

Today, I noticed that the casing cracked again, call Apple, and still got free replacement without much words.

So tell me, how can I live without Apple for its excellent support?

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Any unhappy experience with Acer, NEC, even Samsung....

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  1. Salute for apple product n service but not for all Apple user...