Sunday, January 18, 2009

A comment to Dr Chua Soi Lek's Posting on Hudud Law

Dr Chua, Quoted from your text:

"Hudud implementation has wide ramification and implications in a multiracial country like Malaysia. It will be a messy job to implement Hudud only among Muslims and leaving the non-Muslims to the civil law.

Presently, we have enough confusion and controversy even with syariah and civil law. It will just add more confusion to what is already a difficult problem to resolve between syariah and civil law in some divorce cases where one of the spouse in converted to Islam."

If there are already so messy with Syariah and civil laws, why did not MCA oppose the implementation of Syariah law in the first place?

It is not the matter of whether the law to be implemented to a certain group of people, it matters whether the law is implemented in a fair and just manner.

Likewise for public fund allocation for development. If I am not wrong, the Menteri Besar of Trengganu commented on whether to continue allocating fund for KT development will largely depending on which side KT voters are supporting, i.e. voted.

He gave example of as a father in the family, if the kid is obedient then the father will probably love him better than other kid(s) who are less obedient.

If the mentality of a Menteri Besar from Barisan Nasional liken voters as his kids, and reward or punish using public fund taxed from the voters, in which the money does not come from his own pocket like an ordinary father.

How would you expect voters to continue support BN just wanted development where development fund is originating from tax payers/voters?

Frankly, I like your straight forward style, but I cannot see a good reason why you should still stick to BN/MCA.

Be a man who dare to make the CHANGE instead of waiting for CHANGES to come.

Join us for CHANGE!

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