Saturday, January 24, 2009

Life without the Internet

My God! I do not know what's going on for Celcom!

Celcom 3G has been very unstable this week, and become worse today when the data network is totally out!

This will of course screwed up their potential revenue since MMS is affected too.

A call to Celcom careline learned that the celco is experiencing nationwide breakdown in the midst of holiday season, and there's no further information on why it went down and when will the service be resumed.

I depend a lot on 3G for my work and information gathering. When the network is down, I am practically handicapped.

Although I can always stay at home or go get a place where wifi is available, but this will limit my mobility, the primary reason to have a 3G plan.

What Celcom should do is to blast out a message on service outrage to inform it's customer instead of being blasted over the care line?

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