Saturday, January 31, 2009


We were told since we were born that the Government, and the Police, is trusted for our peace and order of our society.

In school, we were told to be obedience and be useful to the society when we grown up.

When we came out from school, we were told that whatever the Government does is good for all of us and we must appreciate.

But we see one after another, mishandling of trust of the people who voted the ruling regime. We witnessed one after another abuse of power from those who are suppose to uphold the law of this land.

We see one after another justice not being served in the manner we were told since we were young.

What we wanted is humbly dream of living on the mother land of ours in harmony and peace.

We ask for nothing more than justice being served. Nothing more than a caring Government whom we will work hand in hand to face any challenges should there be any.

We want not to differenciate with our own brothers and sisters on this land by colours.

And we respect others on this land whom we have been living together to forge for a better tomorrow.

Hand in hand we shall build this land a paradise where there's no fight among ourselves.

Some passively complained that we are just too small to make visible changes. Some said they could not care less about what's going on and just live with it.

But if we aren't doing anything to tell those whom we have elected, or trusted to manage on behalf, we failed.

So stand up, brothers and sisters, speaks up. Your voices and comments will not irritate the others if you speaks up truthfully.

Let's work together to put someone whom we can trust to work than to passively complain or quitely accepted whatever has thrown to us.

There will always be tomorrow where the sun will rise again after a full night.

There will always be laughther after pain.

Remember, the future is shaped on how we act today. Do it, wait no more!

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