Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kuala Trengganu by-election

I was trying to depress myself not to comment on political development in Malaysia as my 2009 new year resolution. But I just cannot help shaking my head when I read comments and statements from so-called leaders of this country.

Thus, I recap what they have said, and you judge whether they deserve to be our leaders.

15 Jan 2009
Published by Sinchew-i
Prime Minister said if the Barisan Nasional candidate win the by-election, he will be appointed a cabinet post not lower than Deputy Minister.

My response: What is this promise got to do with the voters? Does it means if an MP won election and be appointed as cabinet member, it will do good to his/her voters?

Does this means those who voted for Barisan Nasional backbenchers are not qualified to have their representative as a Cabinet member?

So if you are voters represented by Barisan backbenchers, perhaps you should pray that your constituency will somehow qualified for by-election (if your current MP died, bankrupt, jailed for more than 1 year, disappeared, vanished, you name it), and your newly elected Barisan MP (if he/she ever win), will be made a Cabinet member if BN wanted to win the seat again.

15 Jan 2009
Published by Sinchew-i
Minister of Housing and Local Government Ong Ka Chuan (my comment on him here) said voting PAS means you agreed on Islamic state.

Dumbhead! DUMPBHEAD!!!!
I wonder how can this man be made a Minister? MCA muted when former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced Malaysia is an Islamic country.

What have MCA and specifically Ka Chuan has done to stop the Syariah Law, which is one of the fundamental aspect of Islamic state?

I don't mind what laws will there be applied to all of us in this country, all I am asking for is fairness to all.

15 Jan 2009
Deputy Prime Minister Najib said the Oppositions always brought up phantom voters' issue in every elections, and there's no phantom voters for Kuala Trengganu by-election. No No No No NO!!

How can he be so sure that there's no phantom voters, does it implies that phantom voters are creation of ruling party not oppositions? Perhaps it is just like Abdul Razak Baginda be very sure that Altantuya has nothing to do with DPM!

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