Friday, January 30, 2009

Don't regard criminal as Hero

I am trying to avoid commenting on such incident involving the Malaysia Royal Police Force but I cannot help wanting to ink my thought.

Kugan, a car thief suspect, died in the police custody on the eve of Chinese New Year. He has been detained earlier for 5 days before he passed away. His family was not notified until hours after his dead.

Both the Inspector General of Police, and the Selangor State Police Chief claimed Kugan collapsed after he drank water and the first post-mortem report certified that he died due to water in his lunge.

How would a normal young man drink water until water got into his lunge? I wonder if both IGP and CPO of Selangor really understand what transpired during the investigation until such a person died with water on his lunge. Should the Police make it a point in the future where no drinking of water for any suspect during investigation to avoid the same incident from happening again?

Then our beloved Home Affair Minister Syed Hamid commented as titled: Don't make criminal a Hero.

Well, the Kapar MP is correct that it is police themselves making the suspect as a hero. If there's no such incident, no one could have bother who is Kugan, really!

Then some assholes from 'NGO' warned the public not to blow the issue as it is sensitive to others.

Asshole! A life was taken away, don't tell me that Kugan perished with a glass of water (probably some assholes can demonstrate how a glass of water can take away a young man's life).

Some other assholes warned "Don't make this a racial issue"

Well, quite right, this is not a racial issue, this is a national issue. On record as revealed in the Parliament, hundreds of detainees died under the police custody. Yes, they may be suspect of criminal offences, but who took their lives away? Are they all drink the magic water and collapsed? Or are they, like Hudini the great, able to bring out string or rope that is strong enough to hang themselves in the lockup often left with underwear or sometime naked?

Did they deserve what they had?

This country is sick, very sick!!!!

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