Monday, January 12, 2009

Limitation of iPhone 3G

Well, after a few days playing around with the iPhone 3G, there are a few missing features that I do not understand why Apple missed them:

1. SMS forward - I cannot forward SMS, so if someone send me info via SMS, and I need to forward to another person, or a group of persons, I will have to retype;

2. Battery life - I am charging 3 times a day now. Granted that I have using the phone heavily, as my previous Sony Ericsson Z610i. During the heavy usage day, i.e. 3G access, calls, SMSes, etc., I will probably survive with 1 charge per day. But iPhone 3G, I need to charge the phone when I have a chance;

3. Copy and paste - Well, I cannot copy and paste from one application to another, or even within the same application as the feature is just not available. Apple was the one who successfully commercialise Graphical User Interface (GUI) with Windows/Mouse/Menu/Click where copy and paste bundled from Day 1 Apple III GUI and Apple Lisa was introduced. Even my Apple Newton has copy and paste, but it is now missing from iPhone 3G.

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