Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat won Kuala Trengganu

Both my wife and I have Bern closely following the progress of vote
counting since 6pm. The iPhone is certainly playing the most important
part as both of us trying to grab to see what's the latest.

We were disappointed when Malaysia Insider and Malaysia Kini both
reported that BN led by 700+ votes around 7:40pm, but incoming SMSs
and later news proven otherwise where PAS leads handsomely and
consistently maintain a margin of 2000.

Thank God, thanks to all on the field, the voters acknowledge your
call for CHANGE and acted wisely.

Now, it is another step closer to Putrajaya for Pakatan Rakyat. For
Najib and BN, this is another humiliation that the voters have send a
clear message.

Syabas to the winner and his team, those who have devoted their effort
to make this possible, thank you again.

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  1. 反對用“民聯”更靠近布城的字眼。應該是人民離布城更接近才對。