Friday, October 24, 2008

Badly HIT!

I tell u, I TELL U, serious!!

I was knocked by fever on going for days, recovered a day, went down again for few days, went down again.......

When fever, the head like wanted to explode, when about to recover, the headache until I dunno who I am...

Wife away, lucky she wasn't with me, else she may panic and went down, that will be the worst!!

Consulted first doctor, worried if this is dangue. the lady doc said you don't look like dangue. Then I asked if I can do a blood test. Bad for me I think, her machine out of order....

Wife called, insisted I go to hospital for a blood test. Called Pak Haji (remember the Haji in RPK's interview, yes, is him..... RPK opps! I am suppose to continue the translation, swear will do it this morning when I wait for my car for part replacement :P )

Went to hospital, another lady doc. Did blood test, plat is normal at 185. Blood pressure normal, everything normal, except slight fever.... but headache!!! How to diagnose headache??

Sorry no cure, the lady doc smiled, drink a lot of water, sleep/rest. that's the best I can and should do.

Came back, good for a day. Problem again yesterday noon, headache, and there's some work to rush that I have to travel to office.

Seems after rushing, fever gone, headache gone.... like I cannot rest, else the body go kuku....

What to do? Hokkian say "bai mia"!!

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