Sunday, October 26, 2008

Exclusive Interview - RPK Part 3 (translated)

RPK - It does not matter who!

Origianl Chinese version here

"Labeling the Rakyat with race and religion is who's fault?"

RPK criticized that Roket (DAP) is one of the political parties which encourages racial politics, because DAP still believe that Chinese majority constituency should be represented by Chinese representative. This shows that many are just talking about racial harmony, but only few is ready to work towards national unity.

He said, when typical Chinese constituency where pigs and dogs everywhere can accept a Malay representative; or Chinese wins in Gua Musang, a Malay heartland is what true spirit of Malaysia. "Isn't someone in Selangor making hell lots of fuss on racial composition of state Exco? It does not matter who the leaders are, it is important that leaders doing the right thing, isn't it?"

"Just because it isn't enough seat to please everyone, thus there were suggestions like why not let the Chinese be the Speaker of the House, etc. For me, as long as given to me are all capable, Why not give us 10 Chinese or 10 Malays? Wait..... Rocket is shouting that they need more seats, else the Chinese will punish us with the votes come next election."

"DAP has forgoten, the Rakyat is the boss, this time the Rakyat brings you up, next time we can always bring you down. The Rakyat denied BN's 2/3 majority because of your promises. What the voters wanted to see is the result, not skin color." he added that DAP launched the "Rakyat is the boss" campaign long ago, but it has never been successful.

The current changes, is due to bloggers where Malay, Chinese, and Indian heard each others' voices. "Just another 3% of seats, Pakatan Rakyat will take over the Federal administration. In Negeri Sembilan, another 3 seats to Pakatan and Khairy will be the opposition. "Whether you want to make the son in law of the Prime Minister, Khairy as opposition, you decide."

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