Sunday, October 26, 2008

Exclusive Interview - RPK Part 4 (translated)

How much content is real? RPK: It's up to you!

Original Chinese version here

I was a little to fast that I throw RPK the question that exactly how much information in the Malaysia Today website is real.

I learned a lesson: never provoke and get involved debating with RPK, once started, he will keep talking with facts kept well in his memory. You need not talk, in fact, you'll have no chance to talk.

"UMNO said bloggers are liars, jobless, or house wives who have got nothing better to do, or those who hunt for bargain air tickets! in 2005, Malaysia Today said Khairy will be contesting for Rembau State seat, yes, we lied, because eventually he contest for Rembau Parliamentary seat.

"2006, we said Pak Lah will marry Jane Abdullah in March 2007, we lied, because he married in June 2007."

"July 2007, we said General Election will be March 15, 2008, the polling day was March 8, we missed by 7 days."

"We said the Oppositions take 90 seats, we lied, they took 82 seats."

"We said the Oppositions will grab the state government of Kelantan, Trengganu, Perlis, Kedah and Penang. We lied, Trengganu and Perlis is still under BN, it is replaced by Perak and Selangor. However, it is still 5 states."

"Well, It's up to you to believe!"

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