Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Baby Lion goes for medical checkup

This is a "WONDERFUL" Raya for us.

We maintain only 1 car, to help conserving energy..... Well, if you ever believe what I said....

The Baby Lion is 4 years' old, it has been working perfectly, giving us enjoyable rides.

Recently, it is giving some weird problem, first, the air cond is out, looks like we need to send in for a major overhaul in the air cond system, but I am still hesitating.

The worst came one day before the Raya, it refused to start. I have to walk 2 km to the nearest workshop, thinking that it may be a battery problem.

The lion woke up after the mechanic came, and fired a few clicks. I called the other mechanic seeking for his advise.

Sent the car down to Kepong, have a comprehensive check on the battery, the battery is healthy.

I thought it is over. Occasionally the Baby manja, so we just relaxed.

It was alright on the Raya day, but just for a day, it manja again.... this time I am not able to bring it up. Called mechanic, none working. Walked 2km to the workshop, not open.

Gee! I tried all sorts, including reseting the in-car CPUs (there are 3, but I can only reach 2, the other is hidden that I cannot even find it!). No luck, that day was a hell to me!

Come Friday, need to attend a meeting in town, 40km from my house, and Baby still want to rest, refused to work. I woke up early, walked to pekan looking for mechanics, no luck, everyone, Chinese, Malay, Indian all gone home celebrating the Raya. My Raya celebration is walk, walk, nothing but walking.

After 8km struggle, I got a bus going downtown, attended my meeting, and have a mechanic who is willing to take a look. He sent me back, and we reached home around 10:00pm. He first tried starting the car, it works! Then he checked the battery, the batt is as good as new. Shit! what's happening?

Think it is good now, come Saturday, Baby lied there and refused to start again. Lord! What have I done wrong? Walked to the pekan, no luck, everyone still holiday mode. The next available workshop is about 12km away, it will take me 3 hours to reach there walking, No way!

Then I called Bluebox Sg Besi, the service centre I used to send in Baby for refreshment. The manager, on mobile, told me that I can send Baby in but all his team members are away for Raya.

No choice, I tried again hard to get Baby wake up, after countless kicking, it finally woke up. Quickly I sent her to Bluebox, get a loaned car, and hope her medical bill is manageable.

This is an excuse for both my wife and me not to attend RPK's show of support tomorrow for his sedition charge hearing. So we won't be there, or anywhere until our Baby is back!

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